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Bottom-Up Technologies for Reuse

What is BUT4Reuse?

BUT4Reuse provides a unified framework for mining software artefact variants.
  • Commonality and variability analysis
  • Feature identification
  • Feature location
  • Feature constraints discovery
  • Feature model synthesis
  • Reusable assets construction
Easily extensible for your own needs.
Currently it supports several artefact types:
  • Java
  • C
  • EMF Models
  • Textual files
  • File structures
  • JSON and CSV files
  • ... and much more. Check the list of adapters


Check the BUT4Reuse wiki , you will find:
  • Getting started guide and tutorials
  • User manual
  • The list of available adapters
  • Artefact variant examples
  • How to integrate new adapters, algorithms and techniques
  • How to use benchmarks for your algorithms and techniques
  • Research publications
  • ... and much more.
Illustrative example of using BUT4Reuse with the Images adapter


Follow the installation instructions

Source Code

The source code is in the github repository

Issue tracker

If you find a bug or you have an enhancement request, please report it at the issue tracker


The main involved institutions are:
  • SnT, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Lip6, University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC), Paris, France
If you want to collaborate or you have a case study
send us an email: but4reuse@gmail.com